Stop #2

Here’s the second stop on the Gig blog tour. Thanks to Andi’s Book Reviews for taking part:

Blog Tour #1

With the re-release of “One Helluva Gig” a few days out, we’ve begun a blog tour to promote the release. The first stop on the tour is Fabulous and Brunette web site, which can be found here:...

New Promo

There’s a special promo running today for The Litter, plus assorted other e-books, at Free Kindle Books and Tips: Free & Discounted Kindle Books for...

Intro to New Medium

Now that all the paperwork is signed and returned, I can announce that my three interlinked procedurals, The Group, When You Have to Go There, and And the Devil Walks Away, are going to be released in audiobook format by Books in Motion from Spokane, WA. Excited to...

New Releases Coming UP

Some new releases are coming early in the year. March 8 will see the release of Double Frame, Sam Quinton #3, and on March 23 comes the re-release of One Helluva Gig, my first short little e-book from 2012. Can’t wait to see both of these titles come out.