“I doubt that will be necessary, Mr. Quinton,” George said. “And I think you’re slightly confused about us. Our only desire through any of this is to make sure that our brother’s killer is held to account for her actions.” “You held her to account for going on a quarter century,” I pointed out. “What happened? Did you lose your clout with the court system?” Now it was Mary’s turn to flush, though she held it together a lot better than her brother, who was rapidly hyperventilating beside her. I figured I’d better get out of there before I found myself guilty of involuntary manslaughter. No doubt Mary agreed with me. “I think you’d better leave now. My brother and I only wanted to meet you and see what it is you wanted. We had no idea you’d turn out to be such a . . . a . . .” “Sweetheart?” I supplied. “Laborer,” she supplied back to me. “I’d rather be called a thug, but to each his own.”

Heel Turn, Sam Quinton #2.

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Release date: March 9.