With the launch of a new website, plus my second series, I decided it’s time to take another stab at a blog. I had one once, a long time ago, on the other site, but to be honest there were so many distractions popping up that I never was very consistent. But there’s so much more going on now that I figured the time had come around again.

One thing to point out is that, although I’m home from work for the foreseeable future, that doesn’t mean I have tons of free time on my hands. Like most school districts around the country, mine is shifting over to virtual/ online learning for the duration. However, I’m old school (pun intended) enough that I’ve never even been interested in teaching online, and now have been kind of forced into it.

I’m telling you. After only the first day, I suddenly have so much more respect for online teachers. It’s definitely not the “easier” way to go.

So as my life changes, as well as the world around us, I’m taking another shot at the whole blogging thing and see where it goes from here. It’s not going to be an everyday thing, probably more like once a week or so, but here goes.