Galleys and general update

So I've been away from here for quite a while, mainly because things have been so darned hectic. I'm currently reviewing the galleys for The Litter, and Night to Dawn and I are still holding for a Feb. 13 release date. That's Friday the 13th. Also, have a Facebook page devoted to the new book, and it can be found here: 

The Litter

 Blood Red Shadows has made an offer on The Litter, my new horror/suspense novel. Tentative release early next year. More updates as things progress. 

Reprinted Story and Maplewood Barn

Two recent things of note:

1) Plan B Magazine has just reprinted "The Farm." Makes for third publication for this story, plus they're also offering it as podcast. First time any of my work has appeared in audio form. Here's the link:

2) Maplewood Barn Theatre is planning to produce a half-hour radio show based on "One Helluva Gig." I've seen final script and am waiting to hear schedule for rehearsals, production and broadcast. It was somewhat unnerving to turn my material over to someone else to adapt, but Brad Buchanan did a pretty darned good job of it. 


New Story Release

Issue #26 of Night to Dawn magazine is out, which includes my short story "By the Screened-in Back Porch." It can be found at B&N, Amazon and Lulu, but the direct link to the publication info is here:  Problem is, this now leaves me with no original short fiction pending publication, so I've got to get back to cranking some out. 

New Guest Post

A new guest post appeared today on BookinglyYours web site. Enjoy:


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