New Guest Post

I have a new guest post up at Slashed Reads that discusses the benefits of having a traditional publisher. It can be found here:



New Slashed Reads Interview

Slashed Reads has just posted an interview with me. It can be found here:

The New Book

Last Sunday, January 12, saw the release of The Group. It will be available exclusively at for about ninety days, then will expand to Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 327 pages for $3.99. Available for either Kindle or Nook or in pdf format.  

It's been a long, hard road, seeing as how I began writing it the second week of January of 2012. But to actually be able to proclaim myself as a mystery novelist pretty much makes it worthwhile. 

Now back to work on the next project, The Litter.


New Review

Big Al's Books and Pals website has just posted a review of One Helluva Gig, giving it four stars out of five. It can be found here: 

Almost Here

On New Years Eve, Barbarian Books sent me the proof copy for The Group. Just a few little odds and ends to tweak, and it should be ready for release soon. Will initially be available only in e-book format, and for the first ninety days exclusively at BB's website. More info as it approaches.


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