Group Review


Group at Amazon

Countdown has begun. This Saturday my latest novel, The Group, goes live at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Feels like perfect timing to get in on summer reading.

New Anthology release

Plan B, Vol. III, a new mystery/suspense anthology, is now released. It contains a reprint of my 2010 story "The Farm." Available in electronic format, it's currently available at Amazon or Smashwords, and will soon be out at Barnes & Noble. Or, it's available from the publisher here:


Also, April 12 is the Amazon release date for "The Group."



Rock of Pages web site has just posted a review of One Helluva Gig. Extremely complimentary, it can be found here:


First Review

Slashed Reads website has just posted a review of The Group. Extremely positive and heartening. It can be found here:



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