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Getting Closer

Getting close to first full-length mystery novel release. Yesterday received the final edits for the last sixteen chapters of The Group. Began writing this second week of January last year, so I'm more than ready to see it come out. Barbarian Books will be issuing in in e-book format.

Political advertising, the economy and serial killers. Can you tell I watch too much cable news? 




A new short story is up at Dark Fire fiction. "Floater" was inspired by a recent trip to the ophthalmologist. 


My new short story, "Floater," has been accepted by Dark Fire magazine and is slated to appear in the next few weeks.



A new short story is available at Dark Fire fiction. "Floater" was inspired by a recent trip to the ophthalmologist.  It's available at

Summertime Schedule

So it's approximately the halfway point on my summer break, and reality is far from perception. Most of my friends and family know that I don't teach summer school, so they naturally assume that I don't do anything and eventually end up bored. 

If only they could understand. I'm about a third of the way through my new project, crossed 35,000 words today. This, of course, is only the first draft. I'm shooting to have the entire thing done by the first of the year, and I'm going to consider myself darned lucky if I hit that goal. On top of that, any small feeling of progress I'm feeling is tempered by the fact that the first draft is usually the easiest, and it gets tricky after that.

On top of this, I got confirmation the other day that we're going to start line edits on The Group in August, which will bump right up against the start of the school year. Oh, the glamorous, never-ending excitement of the fiction writing life.

But the summer hasn't been all keyboard drudgery. Among the highlights were my trip to the Keys, which resulted in swimming with dolphins and ziplining, both for the first time in my life. I also, after ignoring it for the first two seasons, got sucked into The Killing on AMC, which seems like it will hold me over until Hell on Wheels returns. And I've had my share of dinners out and live music, so all in all, things haven't been too bad.

But the calendar is crunching down now, and starting today things kind of ratchet up in terms of intensity. I eventually want to drop a few hints as to this year's project on this blog, but I want to wait until I'm at least close to wrapping up the first draft before gradually laying out the framework.

That's when things should get really good.



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