New Interview

Recently, Inside Columbia, our local lifestyle and business magazine, did an interview with me about the release of Heel Turn. It can be viewed here:

Special Promo

I’d like to give a shoutout to Free Kindle Books & Tips. Today, they’re running an announcement on a reduced price for When You Have to Go There (not free, but close)....

Chapter One

Private detective and former pro wrestler Sam Quinton gets plunged into a murder mystery a quarter of a century old in Heel Turn. CHAPTER ONE In the middle of a Wednesday morning in September, with the droves of college students having recently completed their trek...

Slightly Longer Snippet

“I doubt that will be necessary, Mr. Quinton,” George said. “And I think you’re slightly confused about us. Our only desire through any of this is to make sure that our brother’s killer is held to account for her actions.” “You held her to account for going on a...


Trying something new today to see if it works. The Group is being offered at a reduced price on Free Kindle Books and Tips newsletter. (It’s not free, just lower priced.) The newsletter can be found here: