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Heel Turn


At the age of twenty-three, Sheila Hampton was arrested, tried and convicted for murdering her husband, wealthy Derek Hampton. Now, twenty-five years later and with her conviction overturned, Sheila is released from prison, only to be arrested days later for murdering the prosecutor, now retired, who originally sent her away.

Attorney Bernie Lyman has a personal interest in her case, and he hires Sam Quinton to help prove his client’s innocence. But as Sam digs farther into the case, he begins to ferret out the truth of what happened to Sheila and Derek a quarter century before and finds himself wondering why Sheila’s former in-laws are so determined to get in his way.

The Author

Kevin Doyle

A high-school teacher, former college instructor and fiction writer, Kevin R. Doyle is the author of two crime novels, The Group and When You Have to Go There, published by MuseItUp Publications, and one horror novel, The Litter, published by Night to Dawn Magazine and Books. This year will see the release of the first book in his Sam Quinton mystery series, Squatter’s Rights, by Camel Press. He has had numerous short horror stories published in small press magazines. Doyle teaches English and public speaking at a high school in Missouri.

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Summer Itinerary

Summer itinerary goes like this: Finish third Sam Quinton book. (Long way to go on that.)Complete short story I began a while back.Revise and tighten up an older, unsold book and get it going the rounds again. Aww, for the days when summer break meant a break from...

Short Story News

Okay, I've gotten the go ahead to announce this now. My short story, "Knock One Down," about an immortal gang banger haunting the streets of New Orleans, will be appearing in Devil's Rock Publishing's new anthology, due out somewhere around...

New Interview

Recently, Inside Columbia, our local lifestyle and business magazine, did an interview with me about the release of Heel Turn. It can be viewed here: https://insidecolumbia.net/2021/05/07/a-man-of-mystery/